Taking Snowy for a Walk – Issue 3: What users want

We launched the sign-ups for the upcoming Tomboy Online alpha last week. As part of the sign-up process we included a brief survey asking what features those signing up were interested in and to rate them on a scale of 1 – 5, which 5 being very interested.

We asked them to rate the following features:

  • Free note synchronization for Tomboy
  • Sharing my notes so other users can read them
  • Editing my notes from my desktop web browser
  • Native Android app (Tomdroid)
  • Native iOS app
  • HTML5 offline client (for all mobile desktop browsers)
  • Editing my notes from my mobile device (browser, native app, whatever)

Here are the results:
Tomboy Online Features

(If it’s hard to read, here is link to the png file too, squint really hard)

It’s a fairly small sample, but I’m still please to see so little interest in iOS and a huge interest in Android and HTML5.

Snowy was approved for a hackfest at the Boston Summit. The hackfest goals include match up nicely with the survey results. The goals include:

  • Mobile client for accessing and syncing notes
  • Implement UI / Design via CSS
  • Implement a text editor
  • Implement note sharing between users via the web interface
  • Prepare Tomboy Online for Beta release

And if there are any companies that want to help sponsor the hackfest, please let me or Stormy know!

We’re excited to be working on a web service that integrates with the GNOME Desktop. We have one bug to fix that’s delayed the alpha launch slightly. Thanks to everyone who has signed up and we’ll get the invites out ASAP.

Taking Snowy for a Walk – Issue 2: Alpha dog

Annabella and Bam at play
(Licensed under a CC-BY 2.0 licensed by tanakawho)

Things have been relatively quiet since my last update about Snowy a couple of weeks ago. What’s been going on behind the scenes:

  • Sandy triaged and assigned milestones to lots of features requests in Snowy bugzilla.
  • Jeff hacked on Snowy to allow users to add a second OpenID provider to an existing account. Unfortunately it will have to be refactored as it works great for new users signing up but not for existing users as the form enforces that the users are unique. (Here’s a great area to help out with if you know Django and / or OpenID!)
  • We started working on a privacy policy.
  • Jeff implemented breadcrumbs for notebooks and the UI needs to be finished for this.
  • Jeff and Sandy did some troubleshooting about how debug works in Snowy.
  • The FAQ was updated about the alpha that starts today.

Just in case you were skimming, I’ll say that last part again:

The FAQ was updated about the alpha that starts today.

How do you get in the alpha? Well, the alpha is still invite only, but first you should read the FAQ and then you should fill out the form to let us know you’re interested. The form helps us by first, keeping a list of everyone who is interested, and secondly, understanding what features are important to our users. But please understand that by signing up for the alpha and the beta we are asking for your help – if and when you encounter a bug, let us know!

Did you know? Snowy is Tintin‘s pet dog.

Privacy Policies

Dear Lazyweb,

I’m working on the privacy policy for Tomboy Online and I’m looking for examples of good privacy polices.

Users will have the ability keep their notes private or share them with other users and as the GNOME Snowy server will be hosting all of the data we will want to have a privacy policy in place.

If you know of a website or web service with a good privacy please comment or drop me an email. Thanks in advance!

Keep On Rockin’ Me Baby

Well, I`ve been looking real hard
And I`m trying to find a job
But it just keeps getting
Tougher every day

But I got to do my part
Cause I know in my heart
I got to please my
Sweet baby, yeah

Steve Miller

I’ve been using Banshee for years now and I don’t know how I’d manage my (too) large music collection without it. The Banshee team released 1.7.5 on Tuesday. Banshee 1.7.5 has two new big features:

Trying to do my part, I’ve been working on all new documentation for Banshee written as topic based help using Mallard. The first release of user help was last month in Banshee 1.7.4 and with 1.7.5 I’d call it functionally complete.


(Click through to see a bigger version)

Now is when the fun starts! My process is to write and write some more, and then come back and edit. I think I have most of the major help topics covered. Or do I? I need your help! Take a look through the docs. Have I missed any topics? Can you find mistakes I’ve made in how Banshee works? (I don’t pretend to be a Banshee expert or even use half of it’s features!) Typos? Grammar errors? (I wish I was a machine and could type perfectly, but sometimes I type like Aaron on a Thinkpad T410).

Lastly, I need to add content for common problems and advanced help, such as adding an is_audio file to some MP3 players to have Banshee recognize the player.

How can you help after doing one of the tasks above? File a bug! Drop me an email! Ping me in IRC in #banshee on GIMPNet! I want your feedback and ways I can make the help better, especially with the advanced topics and common problems that users may see.

And a big thank you to Aaron, Gabriel, Bertrand, Alex and all the developers who keep Banshee rockin’.

GNOME Journal Issue 21 is out!

The GNOME Journal team has released the latest issue, featuring five brand new articles.

We have three articles based on talks and experiences at GUADEC 2010 in The Hague and two interviews.

What are you waiting for? Go read it!

GNOME Journal is licensed under a CC-BY-SA 3.0 license. Translate it, podcast it, share it!