DirecTV NFL Sunday Ticket

I don’t understand the black out rules around NFL’s Sunday Ticket on DirecTV.

Last week, the Packers the play the Steelers at 3:15 on CBS. CBS stays long on the Raiders / Chiefs, so I flip to the Sunday ticket channel for the Packer game. No go, it’s blacked out, as it usually is when broadcast on the local station.

While I appreciate CBS for staying with the hot game, I was annoyed that I couldn’t see the game I wanted to see, when I supposedly pay for “all” the games.

Yesterday, the Packers are at the Falcons, 3:15 on Fox. The Vikings are the noon game, and are going long. I switch to the Sunday ticket channel, assuming the Redskins / Buccaneers game is the game of the week at 3:15, and watch the Packer game on Sunday ticket. At halftime, the signal is disconnected. Sure enough, the Packer game is on the local Fox affiliate.

So why one week do I get the game and one week I don’t? Is it up to Fox and CBS to determine when DirecTV puts the blackout in effect? Worked out for me yesterday, but still annoying.

Paul Cutler
Father. Husband. Vinyl Music Lover. Football fan. Python student. He / him.