My first Wild game

I had an opportunity to go my first Minnesota Wild game last night. I can’t believe it’s been 5 years already since the NHL came back to Minnesota, and I hadn’t even been to a game yet.

The seats were fan seats – the gentleman who picked them out before the Wild’s inaugural season put a lot of thought in to them. The 2 seats are on an aisle, 13 rows up behind the visiting goal, so 2 out of 3 periods, if the Wild are going to score, you’re going to see it. Sitting behind the goal gives you a unique opportunity to watch the plays unfold, as you see the wingers fan wide setting up plays, and fast breaks coming straight at you are something to see.

It was a great time – hockey live is 10x better than on TV.

The Wild ended up losing – Roloson was in goal, and had 2 goals against in the first period, and the Wild seemed to play from behind the rest of the night. Gaborik made his return, and had a goal in the first period. The Wild ended up losing with 50 seconds left in the game to a little dunk shot that went between Rolosons legs.

Good game, great tempo to the game, good fans, and a great time.

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