OS Installation Master

I am the OS Installation Master. I must have installed or booted LiveCDs of Ubuntu at least 10 times today.

When I re-installed 5.10 last week, I got a weird error on my first bootup that no OS wasn’t found. I re-installed, and deleted all the partitions on both hard drives, and no problems.

Well, similar situation after installing Edubuntu and Dapper Drake Flight 3. Same error. After installing and reinstalling OS’s to no avail, including wiping the main hard drive, and spending a couple hours tweaking GRUB by hand, it turns out that the boot order in my BIOS was out of order, looking at the 2nd hard drive first, instead of the 1st hard drive. I have no idea how the BIOS was changed (sure wasn’t by me!), as the MBR is on the first hard drive. Changed the BIOS option, and booting in to (a fresh version) of Ubuntu. Now the test will be installing Edubuntu again on the 2nd hard drive.

But I can say I have installing Ubuntu down cold. The bad news is, was that I installed Quake IV and Doom 3 this morning, patched ’em, and downloaded a few mods. It was time consuming, but not that big a loss. The good news is was that re-installing wasn’t that big of a deal, as I had everything backed up from my fresh install last week.

Paul Cutler
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