Hello Planet Foresight!

First of all, thank you for inviting me to join the Planet crowd – I’m very flattered and honored to be part of the community.

Who am I? I’m a married father of 3 living just outside of Minneapolis, MN USA, and when the kids aren’t keeping me busy, trying to learn how to contribute and help out with various projects, including Banshee, GNOME and Foresight Linux. I’ve been using Linux for just over 8 years, a number of various distributions over that time, but was primarily a Red Hat Linux user, and then an Ubuntu user for the last couple of years before making the switch to Foresight about a month ago. This month marks the two year anniversary of using Linux as my only operating system on all my computers.

I am also an active believer and supporter of the Electronic Frontier Foundation.

Some of the current areas I’m targeting to help out with are documentation, including a Getting Started guide for users new to Foresight Linux; documenting the LiveCD release for both Foresight and GNOME; and helping out with marketing once that’s gets going. And who can forget submitting and triaging bugs!

This feed is my Linux RSS feed – if you want more ramblings on anything from copyright to sports to books and movies, feel free to visit my blog, which I probably need to update more often. You can also find me on IRC on Gimpnet and Freenode as “silwenae”, Mugshot, Flickr and del.icio.us. My handle / alias “silwenae” was a randomly generated name from an online roleplaying game that has stuck with me these last 7 or 8 years.

Thank you to the Foresight community for being so welcoming, and I look forward to helping out.

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