Barcamp Chicago Day 2

We’re back at Barcamp as of just after noon after 4 hours of sleep. We’re surprisingly awake and ready to go. We had a small hicuup trying to download the images needed for today’s Conary talk, but SpecialKevin bailed us out.

Ken is on in 10 minutes – the first talk is on Conary, and he will be demonstrating a MythTV appliance. (I’m so excited – I’m on vacation as of Thursday, and one of my projects over vacation is to get my MythTV box up and running finally. The timing of this talk couldn’t be better!)

Ken then continues on for another hour at 2:00 CST with the Foresight presentation. The day’s a little in flux, so we might push it back as people are still trickling in (we were up late….). And then at 3, the first US based GNOME usergroup meeting, a brainstorming session with SpecialKevin.

More to come soon!

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