Where'd who go?

I haven’t blogged much in August, and here it is at month end already. Things should be settling down soon (I hope) leaving me more to blog and get back to work on Foresight.

I had a couple trips in August, lots of stuff going on at work, and we’re looking at building a new house, so the month just flew by.

The storm two days ago knocked my DirecTV dish out of alignment – not having TV for a week should free up some time. More on that later, but at least I have HD off air so I can watch the (7th ranked!) Badgers kick off the the college football season tomorrow.

I’m also in the process of transferring all my websites to a new server, so that’s eaten up some time. I spent almost a weekend working on getting apatheia.org moved from my account to a friends who is paying for it now.

More to come soon.

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