A few anniversaries:

  • Last month was 5 years of blogging. Wow! From your basic blog / diary, to more tech and copyright oriented, to almost all Linux all the time, it’s been quite a journey. I’m sure my friends will give me even more crap about it now.
  • Last month marks 9 years since I first installed Red Hat 5.2 that I bought right after Christmas. (I still own the original box and CD). Next month will be my 3 year anniversary of being exclusive with Linux. Don’t miss Windows one bit. Get my gaming fix via Xbox 360 and Wii these days.
  • I’m a year older this Saturday. I’m now leaving the coveted 25-34 demographic. Sigh.

I’m off to Los Angeles first thing in the morning, and working out there this week. So if you don’t see me in IRC or blogging, now you know why. This weekend I will be at SCALE at the Los Angeles Airport Westin. You’ll be able to find in the bright green t-shirt. Someone buy me a drink on Saturday.

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