Foresight 20/20

My flight got in late last night, and Ken was kind enough to pick me up from the airport, where I met pscott and doniphon face to face for the first time.

After a snafu at the hotel (long story for a different time), we are hanging out at the rPath offices. Walk in to their office and you know exactly where you are, this is on the wall:


I’ve met tons of people today so far, including devnet, stef, elliot, Og, Up2, mkj and more.

pscott and I are hanging in an extra office while the others have to work, waiting for some other folks flights to get in.


You should have come to the Foresight 2020 conference, you’d get one of these:


I’ll try to keep up with photos and blog posts throughout the weekend.

(Sorry about the blurry photos, it’s the camera, I swear!)


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