The Tomboy Online / Snowy team needs your help! We have an alpha instance of Tomboy Online up and running thanks to the wonderful GNOME Sysadmin team and we even have some new contributors helping with Snowy’s code (hi Jeff!).

But we need help! We need help with the web design for Tomboy Online and we’ll need help implementing it.

First, the design. Here’s what we have today:

(Click through to see a larger screenshot).

And that’s just the home page after you log in. We need help with how to display a note, your list of notes, and editing notes. (Hope I’m not scaring you away yet!) And that’s just off the top of my head – I’m sure there’s more that I’m missing. (Update: Sandy’s blog post shows some more screenshots, including a page with a list of notes).

Do you have wicked web design skills? Have some time to put together some mockups? Are you able to take feedback well? Then we’re looking for YOU. I don’t even care about workflow right now. You can join the Snowy mailing list, you can email me with questions, you can join us in IRC in #snowy on, you can blog it about it and let us know – we’d just love to see some mockups so we can then go hunting for a sucker looking for a volunteer to bring your design to life.

Manuel started work on this potential design last year and we’re looking for help to build on that or for something new. But we need help in building iterations of it and moving forward.

Tomboy Online, powered by Snowy, will be one of GNOME‘s first web services with application integration. Get the code here, learn more about our upcoming alpha here or join our mailing list here. You will be able to sync your Tomboy notes to the web using GNOME’s Tomboy Online service or your own server running Snowy. Snowy is free software licensed under the AGPL.

And thank you in advance for your help!