Superchunk @ South Street Seaport

(Photo by Barry Yanowitz under a CC-NC-BY 2.0 license )

Somehow I went through the 90s oblivious to Superchunk .  I’m sure they were played on Rev105 back in the day, but for some reason I just don’t remember them.  I’m now making up for lost time.

Amazon MP3 has had a number of specials on Superchunk since their September release of their latest album, Majesty Strategy, their first release in 9 years.  This month you can get the remastered version of On the Mouth for only $5.

It’s been well documented that one of the major reasons for the delay between releases is that two of the founders of Superchunk, Mac McCaughan and Laura Ballance, are the founders of the record label, Merge , which they still run.  You may not have heard of Merge, but I can guarantee you’ve heard of two little bands on the label, Arcade Fire and Spoon.  As you can imagine, that keeps them busy.

Superchunk is playing at First Avenue tonight and the Twin Cities is all a-buzz with their return.  The Star Tribune currently features tonight’s Superchunk show on their front page and the City Pages has great coverage.  They published an interview today and later in the day published the complete transcript including quotes that didn’t make the print edition.

They talk about Superchunk’s songs, running Merge and some of the great shows they’ve had playing at 7th Street Entry and First Avenue.  What I wouldn’t give to have seen Superchunk with Rilo Kiley at the Entry…

And if you see their guitar on an American flight, let them know .

Update December 2nd:  A cover of Velvet Underground’s John Cale’s Child’s Christmas was released today.  Read more about it and stream it at Cover Me . ( Via Largeheartedboy )

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