Another Reason Why I Love The Current


_Mary Lucia: Photo by Kyle Matteson under a CC-BY-NC-ND 2.0 license


I vividly remember the day Rev105 changed formats. My wife and I were leaving work and climbed into the car in the carpool lot. Turning on the car, Van Halen was playing. I was surprised, but I’ve always been a Van Halen fan, and dug that they were playing it. Rev105 was the most eclectic radio station I’ve ever listened to, and while I was surprised to hear Van Halen, it wasn’t out of the norm from some of the things they played. And then another hard rock song came on, and another – and they announced the new call letters, X105. And just like that, my favorite radio station was dead.

The latest Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductees were announced a week and a half ago. To celebrate, 89.3 The Current played a number of the inductees, including:

  • Hall and Oates
  • Linda Rondstadt
  • Cat Stevens
  • Peter Gabriel

Mary Lucia was driving to work when they played the above artists and missed Barb Abney’s introduction to the set list. Her reaction was hilarious, along with the voicemail she left to Jill Riley, co-host of the morning show on The Current:

I FREAKED out! Not another format change! This isn’t happening again! I was convinced we had flipped formats overnight and this was my way of finding out I no longer had a job at the Current.

I know this sounds overly dramatic, but friends, this has happened to me before in my radio career: One day I have a job, and the next day we are playing Scorpions and Nazareth. BOOM! “Thanks for all of your hard work, now who needs a box to pack up your [stuff]?”

Hit the link to read her reaction, listen to the voicemail and the Twitter reactions by people around the Twin Cities.

Kudos to The Current for sharing this – it brought a smile to my face.


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