Yahoo! and me

I’ve read enough of the stories of Microsoft’s takeover bid for Yahoo!, and I hate to contribute more, but Wired has a great story on the Flickr communities’ reaction. I’m a Yahoo! user by acquisition. I absolutely adore Flickr, with over 4000 photos posted and viewed over 67,000 times. (My Foresight screenshot is #1 for me with 2000 views). I bought a Pro account when Flickr first launched, ages before it was acquired, and was rewarded for overpaying by gaining a year.

Microsoft's Linux patent deals

As a long time Red Hat stockholder, let me say thank you to Red Hat’s leadership for flatly rejecting Microsoft’s overtures for interoperability and protection from patent suits. From the Yahoo! News article: Microsoft made its intentions clear on Friday: It wants to work out a cross-licensing deal with the largest Linux vendor on the market that would look much the same as its recent agreements with Xandros and Linspire.

Joost Beta Invites

Do you need a Joost beta invite? I’ve hooked up all the friends (I think) who want one, and still have a bunch leftover. Drop me an email at pcutler at if you want one. Mac & Windows only now, thought there have been rumors of a Linux client sometime in the future. It’s definitely interesting – and different. Joost continues to sign up content partners, and it’s getting better each week.

Microsoft Vista: 0 for 3

Microsoft is now 0 for 3 in trying to get me to try Vista. My recent Intel motherboard / Core 2 Duo processor purchase included a copy of Vista when Vista shipped. Surprisingly, Microsoft supplied Intel with both a 32 bit and 64 bit version to send out, each with unique keys. It’s sat on my desk since it arrived in the mail a month ago, unopened. I have a friend who I think wants a copy.

I hate Internet Explorer

Why, oh why, can Internet Explorer not conform to web standards? I threw up a placeholder on using Drupal, and put a transparent PNG as the header graphic. Looks awesome in Firefox, but IE you see the background. I hate IE. I don’t want to use a GIF due to patent issues, and JPEGs can’t handle transparency. Grr. 5.0 is up, and a history of it is coming soon.

Napster 2 Go Reviews Start

Boing Boing links to a Washington Post review of Napster to Go. Let’s just say WaPo found it… wanting. Napster’s PR firm has been running full steam lately with numerous mentions in the press (after their post-Super Bowl Ad) where they’re trying to show the math hat an iPod with 10,000 songs = $10,000 or Napster can get you the same thing for $15 / month. That is, $15 / month for forever.

Gates just doesn't get it.

Gizmodo has their interview with Bill Gates Part Four: Communists and DRM up. Bill Gates, Microsoft’s chariman has been getting flak for some comments at CES where he equates those who don’t favor copyright and DRM as communists. He more than proves that it’s Gates himself that doesn’t get it in the above interview. Look Bill: No one questions that artists should be compensated for their work. Period. The fact that some of us may choose to create content, say, a blog, and not want to be compensated, and want to share it, is our choice.

Why DRM is Evil, and what it means to your DVD Collection

Cory Doctorow discusses why you can’t legally back up your DVDs and who is to blame. Suffice to say, DRM, Digital Rights Management, is evil. Cory Doctorow, European OutReach Coordinator for the EFF, is a science fiction author, DRM expert, and blogger. One of my favorite authors on the evils of DRM, he once even gave a speech, at Microsoft, on the evils of DRM. From the speech, introducing himself to the crowd, he sums up what he does:

Another stupid IE quirk

My Music

So I have a lot of music. With over 700 CDs ripped, and some other misc. music, it’s quite a bear to manage it all. For the last few years, I’ve used Netjuke on my Linux server. During the upgrade process this past spring, I put my music on two seperate hard drives, seperate from the third which holds the OS. What I love about Netjuke is that it’s database driven, making it very easy to search, and a nice web interface, that is semi-skinnable.