Did Donald Driver Deserve Better?

It’s Gameday!

As a huge (American) football fan, it amuses me to no end how my children get into the excitement of game day. They know how much I love my football teams and want to know who the Packers (or Badgers) are playing each week, which other teams I want to win in the other games, and share my enthusiasm for the game. Jack’s knowledge of the players and the opposing teams is almost scary considering he is only 4 years old.


What a weekend of football

What a weekend! First, the Packers take apart the Seahawks after a costly start, with a game to remember on the Frozen Tundra with the snow blowing. And then the Cowboys, the #1 seed, lose to the Giants at Texas stadium. It’s somehow fitting that 10 years after the Packers won the Super Bowl after hosting the NFC Championship game, that they host another one. Cross your fingers my playoff tickets come through!

Super Tecmo Brett

For those of us who grew up in the 80s, Super Tecmo Bowl was the best football game ever made. There was nothing like taking Herschel Walker 90 yards, turn around, run back to your own end zone, turn around again and run 100 yards for the score. All without being tackled. Someone took the electrifying Packer win from last Monday night against Denver, and did a mashup with Super Tecmo Bowl.

Packers vs. Bears (10/7/07)

I was at Lambeau Field this past Sunday to watch the Packers eventually beat themselves and lose to the Bears on national TV. Having grown up in Wisconsin, and now living in Minnesota, the residents of Minnesota think they have a rivalry with the Bears, but any true Packer fan will tell you the only rivalry we have is with the Bears. It was my first Bears game, and the normally nice crowd was just mean when it came to the Bears.

Go Pack Go!

My father and I were able to purchase season tickets again this year from a family member. I spent this past Sunday driving to and from Lambeau Field (about 4.5 – 5 hours each way) and it was definitely worth it. Prior to the game, there was a convention in Green Bay this past week hosting most living Congressional Medal of Honor recipients. Before the game, Brian Williams of NBC introduced, by war, those living Medal of Honor recipients who were able to attend the convention and game.


I love this time of the year – I think I’ve watched a football game every day for the last 10 days. Even the first few bowl games with teams you’ve rarely heard of we’re quite good (and I’m still laughing at George O’Leary). I was ecstatic to see the Badgers win decisively in Coach Alvarez’s last game. I had been walking around the last few days convinced that what the analysts said was true – Auburn’s defense was going to rip in to Wisconsin, and the Badgers had little chance to win.

Pack Wins!

Off to Lambeau