Cherry Tree Blooming in Kyoto, Japan

Winter never ends. {.subtitle} I just returned home from 10 days in Asia, with a weekend stopover in Japan, staying in Osaka with a day trip to Kyoto. It’s cold, snowing and blustery in Minneapolis on April 1st, so here’s a photo of a cherry tree just starting to blossom in Kyoto, Japan. We were a week or two early to enjoy the full cherry trees coming in to blossom, but there were a few just starting.

Storm Troopin'

Foresight 20/20 – Join the Flickr Group!

There is a Foresight Flickr group I created a while back, for screenshots and conferences. If you have a Flickr account, or want to follow along as the conference progresses, you can find the group here: pscott has spent a chunk of the day getting Foresight to run on his Asus EeePC – he’s booting Foresight from an external USB hard drive, and had to compile a custom madwifi driver to get wireless to work.

Go Pack Go!

My father and I were able to purchase season tickets again this year from a family member. I spent this past Sunday driving to and from Lambeau Field (about 4.5 – 5 hours each way) and it was definitely worth it. Prior to the game, there was a convention in Green Bay this past week hosting most living Congressional Medal of Honor recipients. Before the game, Brian Williams of NBC introduced, by war, those living Medal of Honor recipients who were able to attend the convention and game.

Happy Earth Day

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Happy Halloween!

Flickr launches Photo Printing

Flickr has finally begun to offer online printing of photo’s (if you’re in the U.S.). They have a FAQ up, and prices appear to start at $0.20 for 4×6 and go up from there, so it’s competitive. Looking at the Flickr Blog, I see they’re also available for in-store pickup at Target. Very smart. What’s interesting, is you, as the photo owner, can limit who can order prints from your photo’s.

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