My workflow in learning Python

(Originally written in Day One on November 30th, 2015) When Apple introduced iBooks into Mac OS X a couple of releases ago, I thought it was a dumb idea. Reading eBooks was meant to be done on an e-ink reader, such as a Kindle, or worst case, an iPad or tablet with an LCD screen. Who would want to read books on their actual computer? It turns out, me. This may be big when it comes to learning Python.

A peek under the hood of the website revamp

_Image by riversidetransport under a CC-BY-NC-SA license I am not a web developer. My HTML is rudimentary at best and you should be very afraid when I start poking at CSS and Javascript. Though things might be a bit prettier than they were, I’m going to take this opportunity to highlight the tools I used to give my website a makeover. Homepage For 5 years, I left up a “Coming Soon” webpage with some links to Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.