Why Dungeons & Dragons Matters

40 years of using your imagination. {.subtitle} Ethan Gilsdorf has a fantastic essay up on Boing Boing: At 40 Years Old, Dungeons & Dragons Still Matters. As the original Dungeons & Dragons turns 40 this year, I’m guessing we’ll see many great tributes to the grandaddy of all role playing games, and Mr. Gilsdorf’s essay really resonated with me. Along the way, D&Ders like me learned about stuff. We discussed hit dice and saving throws, ballistas and halberds.


A co-worker introduced me to rpgKids last week. After taking a look around the website, I plunked down the $5 and bought the game and the adventure pack and it was well worth the money. rpgKids is a basic roleplaying game meant to introduce kids ages 4-7 to the wonderful world of using their imagination to roleplay. The 24 page PDF includes the ruleset, an overview of the characters, hand drawn tokens for both heroes and monsters, a character sheet and a printable 1″ grid for mapping your adventures.