Entrepeneur or Scam Artist?

The Star Tribune has a story up about E. Adam Web, a man who scans city ordinances around signs and billboards and petitions cities to put up huge billboards, up to 672 feet high. When the city declines the request, he goes after them in court pointing out that the local ordinances are so confusing and outdated that a homeowner couldn’t even put up a “Go Vikings” sign in their own yard.

This causes the entire ordinance to be struck down, and he gets his sign – which he then turns around and flips at a huge profit to someone who wants that advertising.

Mr. Webb claims he’s never lost a case yet out 110 completed or pending cases.

So the business model looks like:

  1. Find confusing city signage laws

  2. Request a huge sign

  3. Sue the city

  4. Profit!

This is the American legal system at work.

Paul Cutler
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