EFF Defends Right to Read Public Web Pages Without Getting Sued

Here’s why I like the EFF.

The EFF has filed a brief in support of DirecTV against a website operator who is suing DirecTV for accessing his website. Basically, if you want to make your website private, set up a password – you don’t have a right to say “don’t enter here if you work for so and so” which this yahoo is trying to do.

What do I like about it? EFF has gone after DirecTV in the past. From the article:

EFF has opposed DirecTV in the past for its legal campaign against “smart cards,” and co-sponsors a website, www.directvdefense.org, designed to help those who have been sued by DirecTV. However, as Bankston said, “When it comes to protecting the rights of Internet users, EFF doesn’t hold a grudge. We may oppose DirecTV in other cases, but here, it’s plainly on the correct side.”

But the EFF is on the side of what’s right – it doesn’t always matter who.

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