HTPC Components Ordered

I ordered all of the parts for my home theater PC over the weekend, as a few things were on sale. Of course, my basement needs to cooperate and stop flooding. I have to get the carpet / pad replaced now. But this gives me two months to get the system built, Ubuntu installed, and MythTV configured.

  • 1 pcHDTV HD3000 PCI card for watching / recording HDTV with.
  • Abit 939 Motherboard (KN8), to go with the x2 4800+ I’ve had for a while.
  • 2 GB of Corsair RAM
  • 1 Silverstone LC16 home theater PC case, with 500w silent power supply, and 2 extra 80mm fans
  • 1 Pioneer DVD-RW drive (black)
  • 3 Seagate 300GB SATAII hard drives (call it 100 hours of HDTV recording)
  • And a Hauppauge PVR-250 for recording standard def TV that I’ve been hanging on to for a while
  • 1 BFG 6600GT PCIe video card – needed a GT to fit in the HTPC case

Almost everything was ordered from Newegg and PC Alchemy.

I need to do some more research if I should be using Ubuntu’s 64 bit version with MythTV, I’ve read mixed things. But the AMD x2 should perform extremely well for a HTPC. It won’t be easy getting everything configured, but god knows I’ve been researching it long enough, and now it’s go time.

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