Avant Window Navigator on Feisty Fawn Howto

With some help from Pveith on the Ubuntu Forums, I was able to compile Avant Window Navigator from Subversion. Per Pveith’s recommendation, I used checkinstall, which created a .deb for installation. I am running Beryl and an Nvidia graphics card. I added a Feisty Fawn Howto on the AWN wiki , here is how I got it working:

Step 1: Prepare your system

  • sudo apt-get install checkinstall build-essential subversion

Step 2: Download the required dependencies

  • sudo apt-get install libgtk2.0-dev libwnck-dev libwnck-common libgconf2-dev libglib2.0-dev libgnome2-dev libgnome-desktop-2 libgnome-desktop-dev

Step 3: Download Avant Window Navigator from Subversion:

Step 4:

  • ./autogen.sh

Step 5: Install using checkinstall

  • sudo checkinstall

Step 6:

  • cd data

  • gconftool-2 –install-schema-file=avant-window-navigator.schemas.in

Step 7: Run Avant Window Navigator

  • Alt-F2

  • avant-window-navigator

Step 8: Have Avant Window Navigator automatically start up on reboot

  • Click System, Control Center

  • Click Sessions

  • Click Startup Sessions Tab

  • Click “New” and type “avant-window-navigator” in both name and command fields

  • Click “OK”

  • Click “Close”

And here is Avant Window Navigator in all it’s glory on Feisty Fawn on my main machine, running in 1920×1080 on a Dell 24″ monitor:


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