ChicagoBarcamp Day 2 Recap

After a handful of hours sleep, we made it back to BarcampChicago on Sunday.

The crowd had definitely thinned out compared to Sunday, but there were still quite a number of folks there.

Ken’s first talk on installing a MythTV appliance was great. There is so much buzz and interest in the community around virtualization and appliances, and Ken’s talk and the live demo of installing the appliance went over well.

After a brief juggling of the schedule, and a little swearing at the projectors, Ken kicked off the Foresight presentation. We had put the presentation together on Saturday, and I’ll get a copy posted to the website this week. I was mostly watching the crowd’s reaction and listening to questions. I want to take a snapshot of the current presentation, and then work on version 2. There were lots of questions about Conary, and later, rPath, that would be good to address in the next version. The presentation provides an overview of why Foresight was created and it’s purpose, an overview of the innovative applications included, and where Foresight is headed in the future.

A brief while later, we had a small get together on kicking off the first US based GNOME Usergroup in Chicago. Kevin Hariss did a great job in sharing his passion for GNOME, and shared some ideas on what a GNOME Usergroup could hope to accomplish, and next steps for the group. I’ll throw up a post in the next day or too with some additional details and the meeting notes.

Shortly after that, I took off, grabbed a Chicago style hot dog at a local restaurant, and took the train to O’Hare where I promptly took a nap on the flight home.

A big shout out to the Chicago BarCamp organizers, the event was a blast. I’ve finished uploading the photos I took from Saturday and Sunday, here’s the set on Flickr. A big thanks to Kevin for hosting Ken and I, and thanks to Ken and Kevin for all the great Foresight discussion. I was excited about Foresight before, and now I can’t even put it into words.

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