Welcome to Vinyl (R)evolution

Welcome to Vinyl (R)Evolution – where I talk about the music I love. I can guarantee that my tastes are not your tastes but I’m confident you’ll find a story now and then that you can relate to.

I grew up listening to my parents music, which included artists such as ABBA, Billy Joel, Elton John and Cat Stevens. I hit my teenage years in the mid to late 80s and I started getting into 80s pop music, some hair metal bands, and hard rock before finally getting into grunge in the 90s and staying with that as it morphed into alternative and indie rock. And I love the Bee Gees and some disco music for some reason that absolutely drives my wife crazy.  ( More on all that here ).

Why the name Vinyl (R)Evolution with the funky parentheses? Listening to vinyl records is both a revolution in my listening habits and an evolution of myself as I become a more discerning music lover.

I’m hoping to talk about a few different things each week on this blog:

  • New records I’ve purchased that week and mini-reviews of the album.
  • At least one review a week of a used record I’ve purchased since I started collecting records again in April on Record Store Day .
  • Visits to my local records stores.
  • Other new music I’ve purchased that I think is worth talking about that I may have bought on CD or MP3.

I hope you’ll stick around and enjoy listening to music with me.

Paul Cutler
Father. Husband. Vinyl Music Lover. Football fan. Python student. He / him.