SCALE Part 1

I spent last week working at my office in Los Angeles so I could also attend the Southern California Linux Expo (SCALE) this past weekend. Along with Ken VanDine and Kevin Harriss, we hosted the Foresight booth on the show floor.

_ (L to R, myself, Kevin Harriss and Ken VanDine)_ We also hung out with Stu, who flew in with Ken and was manning the Bongo Project booth. Not only was Stu showing off the Bongo Project, which by itself is a cool mail and calendar server and web client, he was showing a demo of it as an rPath appliance.


A few anniversaries: Last month was 5 years of blogging. Wow! From your basic blog / diary, to more tech and copyright oriented, to almost all Linux all the time, it’s been quite a journey. I’m sure my friends will give me even more crap about it now. Last month marks 9 years since I first installed Red Hat 5.2 that I bought right after Christmas. (I still own the original box and CD).